Wright v3 - Joomla 2.5, 3.x, and Responsive

Versatile, Nimble, and Reliable, Wright v3 is now Bootstrapped, Responsive, and Mobile Ready. See the new demo.

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What is the Wright Framework?

The Wright Joomla Template Framework is a Joomla 2.5 and 3.x framework named in honor of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and his minimalist style. In a Joomla Template, the Wright Framework is like a combination of a foundation and a blank blueprint. A solid and versatile foundation to build upon, and a blank and empty blueprint upon which the web designer can create his or her masterpiece.

Wright makes upgrading quick and Easy

The Wright Framework was designed to make upgrading to new versions of Joomla something quick and easy. For example, Joomla 2.5 was released January 24th, and by 1pm on that same day, Joomlashack had been able to update 25+ Joomla Templates to Joomla 2.5. To the web designer, this means being able to keep all his or her sites on the latest, most secure, and reliable version of Joomla.

Unlike so many Joomla Template Frameworks out there which are loaded with everything but the kitchen sink, the Wright Framework is designed to be light so that it makes your sites load quickly. Proof of this is that other Frameworks are between 3 and 8 times larger to load than Wright.

We proudly use the Wright Framework to build all of Joomlashack's Joomla Templates.

What makes Wright different and better than other Frameworks?

Other Joomla Template Frameworks have taken what we believe to be the wrong approach to frameworks. They have integrated tons of features that have made their frameworks bloated, fat, and slow. All these unnecessary features have also made their frameworks unreliable. There is simply a lot more stuff to go wrong in them and more stuff to update with each new Joomla release. To the web designer, all these features rarely contribute to the design process - - they are more of a restrain.

Then you have to consider the exponential complexity involved with making all these unnecessary features properly communicate, interact, and work with thousands of 3rd party extensions. Soon you start to realize that when it comes to Frameworks: less is more.

We believe that the Framework should be minimalistic - - it should have the bare minimum to load and function. For example, we went through the framework's code over and over again removing unnecessary lines. As a result, when compared with other Frameworks,

  • Sites built with Wright load quicker.
  • Wright is always the first to be updated when a new version of Joomla is released (once every 6 months).
  • Wright works reliably with the most popular and the obscure Joomla Extensions.

Wright does provide a foundation of standard features, but more importantly, it makes it incredibly easy to add additional features. Namely, the ones you need and want.

How does it work?

The framework is part of the template. In its most basic form, it extends the default template capabilities of Joomla with some additional features. A more advanced description is that the framework loads the template before Joomla and applies several filters upon it to allow more advanced customization from the administrator, as well as to provide support for things like css combining and caching.