We provide Wright free of charge.


How to install the Wright template

Once you download Wright template, you can install it as you would install any Joomla extension. Just use Joomla built-in extension installer, following instructions below.

  • In your Joomla backend, go to Extensions > Manage
  • Under Upload Package File tab click Or browse the file green button

Download button

  • Select the Wright template installation file on your hard drive
  • Click twice on the file name
  • After a few seconds, you will see the "Installation of the template was successful." message:

Wright installation success

How to customize the template layout

Although you can customize Wright template layout directly in its files, we strongly recommend avoiding this. If you pursue this approach, once you update Wright to its new release, it will override your template files and you will lose all your hard work. Instead, we suggest creating the custom.php file.

  • Duplicate the templates/js_wright/template.php file
  • Rename this new file to custom.php
  • Customize this file as you wish. Once you save it, it will take control over your Wright template layout.

How to customize te template CSS design

Just like with customizing your Wright layout with custom.php file, we suggest you customize the template CSS using a new custom.css file.

  • Create an empty CSS file in templates/js_wright/css/custom.css
  • Add your own custom CSS style to change the template's design
  • Save the file

Now, when you update your Wright template to a new release, all your custom CSS code will be safely preserved. 

How to report issues

If you have problems, ideas or find a bug, please open an issue through Github.


The Wright Framework by Joomlashack is provided under the GNU/GPL license.