What are the requirements?

The minimum requirements are the same from Joomla core. PHP 5.3.10 and newer, and MySQL 5.1 and newer at the time of writing this article.

Comparison with regular templates

If you are familiar with how to work with Joomla templates already, then there are only a few things we've done to simplify or add additional functionality to the template.

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Template Structure

If you look at the template structure, it is almost the same as a typical template. There are some key differences though, and they are listed here.

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Wright Tags

Inside of our templates you won't see any <jdoc:include ../> tags. We have replaced them with <w:.../> tags, which do more than their predecessors.

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Customizing CSS without altering the template

You can easily customize your CSS files without alterting the core files, and have them load automatically.

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Customizing HTML without altering the template

Altering the default template is fine, but in some cases you might want to alter the template without changing the default version. You can do that easily with Wright.

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Adding custom PHP

We provide a way to easily add PHP into your template without it filling up your template file.

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