Wright Tags

Inside of our templates you won't see any <jdoc:include ../> tags. We have replaced them with <w:.../> tags, which do more than their predecessors.

The main reason is we are cutting out a lot of repetitive code, as well as providing a way to make our templates work in multiple versions of Joomla without changing the template itself (only by editing the framework). This is a quick explanation of the tags, and what they do.

  • <w:content /> - This manages the basic code output for the content area, which includes the abovecontent and belowcontent module positions.
  • <w:debug /> - This just outputs the basic debugger information if enabled in your installation.
  • <w:footer /> - This manages the generic footer content we use, and handles rebranding.
  • <w:head /> - This manages the Joomla header information.
  • <w:logo /> - This manages the logo display row.
  • <w:module /> - This manages any module position, but has several output settings.
  • <w:nav /> - This manages a menu module position.

If at any time you don't like the way that the wright tag handles something, you can replace it with a default Joomla equivalent. We only ask that you avoid removing our branding information unless you have the rights to remove it.