Template Structure

If you look at the template structure, it is almost the same as a typical template. There are some key differences though, and they are listed here.

Inside you will see an additional folder called 'wright' which, of course, houses the framework. You should not attempt to alter anything inside of the wright folder, as this will likely cause problems with the template.

The index.php file no longer holds the template content. The template.php file is used for this, and is included by Wright during page load. Also you can use a custom.php file, which will override the template.php file, if you wish to make alterations without changing the original version of the file.

The css folder has several files that start with a #_file.css. Any CSS files prefixed with a #_ are automatically loaded by Wright, in numerical order. Also, anything starting with style-mystyle.css will be used for the style selection list. For example if you have style-blue.css and style-red.css, the template params will automatically offer two style options, red and blue. The selected style will be automatically included by the template, or you can remove it if you don't want to offer styles.