Wright vs Other Template Frameworks

If you are familiar with how to work with Joomla templates already, then there are only a few things we've done to simplify or add additional functionality to the template.

Here are some major differences compared with other Joomla templates.

  • Wright and the templates based on this framework are the most easy to use
  • Templates based on Wright have more chances to be compatible with third party extensions
  • We provide the best support to customers that use templates based on Wright
  • Wright include the right features; no bloated setups
  • Wright doesn't require extra plugins to work
  • The majority of the html is still managed in the template itself, except for a few cases where it is autogenerated to accommodate variables (such as number of modules to provide horizontal support). 
  • Wright is able to automatically load a lot of the CSS needed. You can do this by putting #_ in front of the filename, where the number is the order it should be included. It also will load specific css files based on the user's browser.
  • Wright can cache and compress the CSS into one big file to help reduce loads and http requests.
  • There are several special tags, outlined in the Wright Tags article, which are related to the Joomla <jdoc:include> type tags. The example can show you how these are used.

There are many more features and functionalities in Wright that make it much easier for developing.